National park Passo dello Stelvio

National park Passo dello Stelvio: Hiking in Val Martello

Breathe the fresh mountain air

Whoever spends their holiday here is not only close to nature, but is right in the middle of it!
The Martell Valley stretches from 950 m up to 3,769 m and is located in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, one of the largest nature parks in Europe, which has many surprises in store: rare plants, endangered species, strawberry growing areas at an altitude of up to 1,800 m - they all find a home here, thanks to the protected habitat and the special climatic conditions. And what about us humans?
We hike and experience the natural landscapes in a conscious, gentle way and are happy to be able to live in this unique place on earth ...


Sounds of nature:
a unique listening experience

You might have seen a deer up close before. But: have you ever heard the deep roar of a deer in love? If the answer is no, we recommend you participate in a free guided tour during rutting season in the Stelvio National Park. Sometimes you can even hear the spectacular roars from our hotel …

Climbing gardens & Co.

For those who feel most comfortable in the rope at dizzying heights, Martell offers a number of possibilities:

Climbing wall Alperia

Our Waldheim summer service:

  • Free rental of hiking poles
  • Free lending of map material
  • Free guided hikes in the National Park
  • Venosta Valley Card with many discounts and exclusive events (May to October)
  • Bus stop in front of the house

Hiking in Val Martello & Stelvio National Park

South-Tyrolean Strawberry Trail

Sport & leisure centre Trattla | 9 km | 2 h | 180 m | easy

This themed 9-km trail leads past wonderfully fragrant strawberry fields, charming farms that invite you to stop by, and interesting learning stations for young and old.

South-Tyrolean Strawberry Trail
Mountain Farmer Trail

Mountain Farmer Trail

Parking Niederhof farm | 7 km | 3 h | 430 m | easy

Gain an insight into the life and work of mountain farmers in Val Martello – the 7-km hike leads along the “Kaandlwool”, a traditional irrigation channel, in Waldberg. You will meet wooden forest dwellers and find info boards.

Covelano Marble Way

Parking Haslhof farm | 7 km | 4 h | 990 m | moderate

In 11 stages you will learn all kinds of interesting facts about the Covelano marble. Highlight: The old marble slides and the great panorama of the valley, the marble quarry and the Martell Valley.

Covelano Marble Way
The Ortles High Mountain Trail

The Ortles High Mountain Trail

119,5 km | 7 7 days & stages | 8.126 m | challenging - difficult

The Ortles High Mountain Trail is divided into 7 stages:

  • Passo Stelvio - Stilfs (1)
  • Stilfs - Düsseldorferhütte (2)
  • Düsseldorferhütte - Zufallhütte (3)
  • Zufallhütte - Pizzinihütte (4)
  • Pizzinihütte – Sant’ Antonio (5)
  • Sant’ Antonio - Cancano Lake (6)
  • Cancano Lake – Passo Stelvio (7)

Alta via di Martello

End of the Martello Valley | 16,2 km | 6 h | 560 m | challenging

All effort is forgotten when the unforgettably beautiful panoramic view stretches before you. The high trail leads from the end of the valley to the Lyfialm, to the Schluderalm and past Stallwies back to Martello.

Alta via di Martello
Theme Hike Plima Gorge Path

Theme Hike Plima Gorge Path

Parking Alto Martello | 6 km | 2 h | 260 m | easy

Safe ground under one’s feet while floating over the abyss– the Plima gorge path is quite the adventure. While the thundering meltig water flows through the gorge, the visitors can admire the natural spectacle from 4 different steel installations: trowel, panoramic crescent, observation pulpit and suspension bridge. Impressive!

Take a deep breath: My favourite place

Host Erika

Here, I feel free, I forget about everyday life and stress – the Orgelspitze (Punta di Lasa) is my favourite spot in Martello. The best part ist hat the hike to the peak with a spectacular panoramic view starts directly on our doorstep and is ideal for a sunrise tour. Just wonderful …

Host Erika


Off you go on holiday!

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