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Presidi slow food: our restaurant Waldheim in Martello

Savour culinary delights …

The best part of your vacation? Easy: being pampered all around – especially with culinary delights. Embark on a slow-food journey at our restaurant Waldheim in Martello ...

The wishing table: Pure breakfast delight

7 am to 10 am

Hearty, healthy, sweet and tempting
Aromatic coffee, fruit and herbal teas, a colourful mix of fresh rolls and homemade bread, homemade jams, South-Tyrolean dairy products, Martello organic cheese & organic yoghurt, home-smoked bacon, freshly squeezed juices and many more: in the new and bright dining room and on our breakfast terrace you will not only enjoy our varied breakfast buffet, but also enjoy a view of the Plima stream, the forest and the Schluderhorn.

Breakfast Dinng room Local products

Made with love: dinner is ready!

The kitchen kingdom of chef & senior host Hermann and his dynamic team is where the magic happens. Enjoy game specialities and traditional classics such as Martello farmer’s soup with a classic Urpaarl bread, home-smoked trout or home-made ravioli with a variety of fillings on your plate.

The use of regional products is our top priority:

  • The LaugenRind beef, lamb and fawn comes from farmers in the valley.
  • We purchase game meat directly from the hunter.
  • The pork for our home-smoked bacon comes from the organic farmer.
  • We serve our trout fresh.
  • Also from the region: Martell organic cheese and yoghurt, South-Tyrolean milk and dairy products, farmhouse bread, Martello strawberries, Val Venosta apples, Val Venosta apricots, Val Venosta asparagus.
Dinner South Tyrolean dishes Regional products

A toast: Fine wines from our wine cellar

Harmony, taste, pleasure:
A good meal needs the right wine to go with it! Erika and Alexander will be at your side and happy to help you find the perfect wine. As trained and passionate sommeliers, they’ll always hand you the right glass for your gourmet experience. In the rustic wine cellar, where tastings take place as well, not only wines from South Tyrol are stored, but also national and international labels and real rarities.

wine cellar
Freah trout

Presidi Slow Food: Protecting diversity

We make our contribution to ensure that traditions and traditional processing techniques are not forgotten over the centuries: the preservation of endangered productions, unique regions and ecosystems, and the preservation of autochthonous animal breeds and plant species. On our menu, you will find various products that have been named Presidi Slow Food:

  • Tyrolean Grey meat
  • Val Venosta Ur-Paarl bread
  • Marine salt from Cervia
  • Black Rimbas pepper

Breakfast and dinner, both amazing. Especially good about the breakfast: fresh fruit, egg dishes and the homemade bread.

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